Salute a Veteran Today & Every day.

Because freedom Is Worth saluting


I attended a recent star-spangled patriotic event honoring veterans.
I am so not a fan of war.Veterans Day salute

I browsed through personal memorabilia which belonged to military personnel from Ohio, including, uniforms, weapons, photos, maps, etc. I envisioned the time and place that these things had been used. Imaginary scenes flooded my mind. The possessors of these things might never have been in battle, but, some have lived to tell about the horrors of real war…

The thought of actual combat is frightening to me, to say the least.

Every Veterans Day we Americans pay tribute to our military might and the muscle that makes this country stand free. The evening of remembrance and recognition I attended served up all the red, white, and blue I needed, to rightly overcome the dark and dread-filled thoughts I encountered at this same ceremony.

I was one of the people in a crowd of maybe 200+ who stood at attention in the Grace Polaris Auditorium, alongside dozens of men and women in cleanly pressed uniforms representing each respective division of the military service. It was an overwhelmingly emotional couple of hours filled with music and audio-visual presentations, drama and personal testimonials, and, scrumptious apple pie for dessert which sweetly concluded the services.
I left uplifted; this pumped up my patriotic spirits for another year.

I felt truly honored, honoring those who put their lives on the line. It occurred to me as I sat and listened to several speakers, that tributes to soldiers should not be reduced to a once-a-year showing of support.



For all who fought for our freedom throughout history and every USA soldier who will fight for our country’s liberties in the future, we Americans need to stand up and salute every single one of them every time we have an opportunity.

Yes; I mean we should all be doing things like cheering whenever we see a soldier in an airport; proudly paying these individuals tribute by walking up to them and saying ‘thanks’; it means a lot to every man and woman who wears an American military service uniform, to know how much this country cares that they do what they do for US to claim our freedoms here in the U.S.!

active soldier

I dealt with personal glimpses of battlefield bloodshed while the bandstand performed 40s-style toe-tapping music. During this recent pre-veterans day commencement I held my hand on my heart engulfed in thankfulness, as flags were waving.
This event was prepared expertly. It provided a glimpse at over 200 years of American independence through music, media, AND an all-American apple pie reception afterward. It was good to be surrounded by a diverse group of Americans who all stood proudly honoring past veterans and current service personnel, and proclaiming to stand with the military families—those who wait behind and pray for the safe return of their loved ones.

One featured speaker, Major General Deborah A. Ashenhurst, Ohio’s Adjutant General, teared up as she spoke of some of her experiences. She is a member of the Governor’s cabinet and is responsible for the command of the Ohio National Guard and the military readiness of the Ohio Militia (more than 17,000 personnel). Her years of enlisted service began in the Ohio National Guard in 1978. She had stories to tell that will bring tears to my eyes evermore in remembrance.

There is more than one way to honor our country’s soldiers. Each and every one of them, perhaps especially, all those who have fallen fighting for freedom, deserve honor. It’s important to think of them as individuals and comprehend they have taken an oath like none other, which literally puts their country’s protection above their own lives.

Both active and retired soldiers live among us; every veteran you see state-side should be acknowledged for the service they do. Whether they help hurricane victims put lives back together, or, shoot a weapon in fierce battle-torn war zones…do not remain silent when you see them! Even the simplest gesture like a handshake will not be overlooked.
There is every reason to do more, to let the brave from sea to shiny sea know your appreciation. It is the military after all that preserves the lifestyle we live here in America and you and I should thank the establishment of these protective forces every day of our lives.


Don’t be shy: Take a stand; Salute any soldier you come in contact with any time you do. They will be pleased. You are bound to feel the unwavering dedication that lies deep in a soldeir’s soul when eye contact is made and gratitude is voiced. Every one of our soldiers are important to the system that provides each of us greater security in this country!

PS: I wish to note that some of the picturesused in this blog post came from militiary family friends the Engleharts & the Loars. God Bless you all and thank you!


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