Gahanna Ohio Holiday Light Display – Creekside Holiday Lights 2012


by Leslie Warthman, REALTOR – Keller Williams Capital Partners Realty

Creekside Holiday Lights 2012 Gahanna Ohio

 I am one of those folks who faithfully illuminates my home every year with outside holiday lights.  Every time I come home to the blinking bulbs, I admire the holiday shine and love how they make our house sparkle with seasonal cheer.

I load my family in the car every year to pass the anxious time waiting for Santa to arrive. We typically cruise around our neighborhood and stop to ‘ooh and ahhh’ at the most elaborate lighted abodes. We also cast our votes and select winners in our own holiday light contest, which we make up.These personal memories probably explain why I am still to this day fascinated with the seasonal lighting that comes out at this time of year.

Creekside Holiday Lights 2012 Gahanna Ohio

Several nearby neighborhoods deck their town halls in November much to my delight.  I jumped on the chance to get out and take in a light show already and I enjoyed the years’ first holiday light sights inGahanna.

Gahanna’s community holiday lighting ceremonies kicked off the holiday season for me!  I went to CreeksideParkfor the presentation sponsored by AEP Ohio® and the City of Gahanna Department of Parks & Recreation. Once the sun began to set, the switches were tripped.  And in a blink of an eye what appeared was a Winter Wonderland.

There were other families and their pets parading merrily down the lighted wooded Creekside park path as soon as the holiday lights were shining.  I couldn’t help notice that I was not the only one there getting all lit up with holiday spirit.

The fading colors of fall shined vibrant under the glow of hundreds of red and green bulbs. Creekside’s signature miniature watermill, which is located at the entrance to the park, provided a dazzling double image reflection on the water.  It was a radiating scene that foretold more to come as I crossed over the bridge and began the light show journey through the woods.

Creekside Holiday Lights 2012 Gahanna Ohio



Just around a small curve in the path there were children inspecting the postal facility. The miniature Post Office is one of several little buildings incorporated in theGahanna’s Creekside Winter Wonderland holiday decorations.  There were imitation structures and building facades all along the lighted path.

The entire woods twinkled all around us. There are thousands of lights hung from branches in every direction as well as overhead.  A lighted fox figure peaked out from behind a big tree trunk. Other creatures were also spotted deeper in the woods.

There were oversized blinking holiday ornaments and big bells strung in lights that hung above the park’s arches and brightened our spirits along the way.

The Creekside scenery from past experience looks just like a Winter Wonderland under a real blanket of snow. But, with or without the white stuff, I enjoyed Gahanna’s holiday light display. The massive blanketing of the woods with little lighted bulbs turned these surroundings into a holiday postcard-like vision.


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Leslie Warthman, REALTOR - Keller Williams Capital Partners Realty



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