How to Buy a Home in Worthington, Ohio

The process of buying a home can be daunting and confusing, regardless of whether you’re a first time home buyer or an experienced home buyer. However, if you’ve narrowed your search down to Worthington, that’s a good start!

Here are a few tips on how to buy a home in Worthington, Ohio!


1. First you need to see if you qualify for a home loan and, if you do, how much money you qualify for. You should look at your finances and determine how much you think you can afford, and then meet with a loan officer who will tell you what loan amount you qualify for.


2. Next you should find a real estate agent who is familiar with the housing market in Worthington, and who is experienced in buying the types of homes you’re looking at. Additionally, a real estate agent can help you with writing up an offer once you find a home, negotiating with the seller, and with any questions you have about the home buying process.


3. Now you can begin the search for your home. You can do some research on your own by checking popular real estate listing sites, such as Zillow or Trulia, and you can also drive around neighborhoods in Worthington and look for for sale” signs. If you want or need some help in searching for a home, you can ask your agent to suggest homes for you.


4. When you find the home that you want to settle into, you need to make an offer. It’s probably best to ask your agent for help at this stage.


5. Before you sign anything, make sure you get a home inspection. A home inspector will inspect the home and inform you of any major issues with the property. The sellers may be willing to fix some of the issues that the home inspector finds, but if not, at least you’ll know what needs to be fixed before you move into the home.


For more information on the City of Worthington, be sure to check out the city’s website here.

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